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Custom made dresses

Welcome to Seasons360 Boutique – Where Style Meets Seasons!

At Seasons360 Boutique, we believe that fashion is not just about clothing; it’s an expression of your unique personality and a celebration of the ever-changing seasons of life. Our curated collection is designed to help you embrace your individuality while staying in tune with the latest trends.

Custom Made Dresses

At Season 360, we believe in the power of individual expression. Our custom-made
dresses allow you to choose the perfect silhouette, fabric, and embellishments,
ensuring a personalized garment that fits you like a dream. Embrace the luxury of
exclusivity with a dress that is uniquely yours.

Whether it’s a special event, wedding, or a casual gathering, our custom-made dresses
cater to every season and occasion. Elevate your style with the perfect fit and
unparalleled craftsmanship. Explore the world of personalized fashion with Season 360
and make a statement with a dress that reflects your distinct taste and sophistication.

Tailor-Made Perfection at Season 360:

Indulge in the luxury of tailor-made perfection. Shop Season 360′ custom-made dresses and experience the joy of wearing a garment that is as unique as you are. Your style, your dress, your moment – embrace the beauty of customization with Season
360.broader movement towards a more sustainable and responsible approach to fashion and

Our Prices

Pricing details for our services

Length Shortening AED 12-20 AED 50
Expert Cloth Length Shortening Services for Perfect Fit. Precision Alterations: Shorten Cloth Lengths for Your Ideal Look.
Sleeves Length Shortening AED 15-20 AED 60
Shorten Sleeves to Fit: Tailored CLOTH Alterations. Custom Sleeve Length: CLOTH Tailoring Expertise.
Body Tightening/Loosening AED 15-25 AED 70
Refine Your Fit: Expert Body Tightening and Loosening Services. Tailored Comfort: Precision Adjustments for Your Clothing’s Fit.
Sleeves Tightening/Loosening AED 15-20 AED 60
Adjustable Fit: Sleeve Tightening or Loosening Services Available! Tailored Comfort: Custom Sleeve Alterations Done Right!
Shoulder Shortening AED 15-20 AED 65
Tailored Precision: Expert Shoulder Shortening for a Perfect Fit. Refined Cuts: Custom Shoulder Shortening, Elevating Your Style.

This Is How We Scale Our Expertise

Clothes Alteration 75.5%
Clothes Repair 90.75%
Made To Order Dreses
Dreses 85%
Made To Order Saree
Saree 98%