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made to order

Order Dresses By Season 360

When it comes to expressing your unique style and making a statement, nothing beats
the allure of a custom-made dress. At Season 360, we redefine fashion by offering a
personalized touch to your wardrobe with our made-to-order dresses. Discover the
unparalleled joy of wearing a garment that is not just made for you but reflects your

Why Choose Us to Order Dresses?

In the world of personalized fashion, our Made-to-order Sarees stand out as a timeless
choice for those seeking tailored elegance. Here’s why our custom-made dresses
deserve your attention:

1. Unmatched Craftsmanship

Our skilled artisans bring years of expertise to every stitch, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship that stands the test of time. Each custom-made dress is a masterpiece, meticulously created to complement your style.


2. Tailored to Perfection

Experience the luxury of a dress that fits you like a dream. Our made-to-order dresses are tailored to your unique measurements, guaranteeing a flawless and comfortable fit that enhances your confidence.pattern, or fabric choice, your vision is at the heart of our creations.

5. Sustainability at its Core

Join the movement towards sustainable fashion by opting for a custom-made dress.
Reduce your carbon footprint with a garment that is consciously crafted, promoting
both style and environmental responsibility.excellence shines through in the flawless execution of your personalized garment.

3. Fabric Selection

Choose from a curated collection of high-quality fabrics to elevate your dress to the next level. Our commitment to using premium materials ensures not only aesthetic
appeal but also durability, making your custom dress a timeless investment.extends to every thread, guaranteeing a garment that stands the test of time.


4. Personalized Design Consultation

At Season 360, we prioritize your vision. Benefit from personalized design consultations where our experts work closely with you to bring your dream dress to life. Your input matters and we are dedicated to creating a dress that resonates with your style preferences.you feel stunning on every occasion.

Our Prices

Pricing details for our services

Kurta AED 45-65
Customized kurta tailored to individual preferences, ensuring perfect fit and personalized style.
Kameez Shalwar/Trouser AED 70-100
Tailored kameez shalwar crafted to specifications, guaranteeing impeccable fit and unique design.
Kameez Shalwar/Trouser - with lining AED 100-120
Tailored kameez shalwar crafted to specifications, guaranteeing impeccable fit and unique design.
Dress (Long & Short) AED 80-140
Individually crafted dress tailored to measurements and style preferences, ensuring personalized elegance.
Jalabiya AED 50-90
Custom Jalabiya crafted to exact measurements and design preferences, embodying unique style.
Skirt (Long & Short) AED 60-100
Bespoke skirt tailored to size and style, reflecting individual taste and fashion sensibilities.
Formal Blouse AED 60-100
Tailored formal blouse crafted to specifications, epitomizing sophistication and personal style effortlessly.
Shalwar / Trouser AED 35-45
Custom formal shalwar/trouser tailored to perfection, ensuring impeccable fit and refined elegance.

This Is How We Scale Our Expertise

Clothes Alteration 96%
Clothes Repair 90.75%
Made To Order Dreses
Dreses 94%
Made To Order Saree
Saree 98%