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Frequently Asked Questions



At Seasons 360 Boutique we provide tailoring services for ladies and our little princesses. We make eastern wear such as Pakistani suits, sarees, blouses shalwar suits as well as western wear such as dresses and formal blouses; and we also make Abayas and Jellabiyas.


We also provide all types of alterations services for both men and ladies as well as kids. Besides this we also do bulk orders of abayas and dresses for some private designers. We also sell stitched and unstitched Pakistani and Indian ladies wear along with which we also have a collection of trendy and traditional jewelry to complement our looks for various occasions.

Yes, we do. Please Whatsapp or Call our boutique for further information.

yes, we do. Please contact on whatsapp with your requirements.

We charge minimum AED 15 for any alteration.

Yes, we do through a courier at a nominal charge.

Yes, we are open everyday except Friday.

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